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About Pinnacle IT

This company was birthed out of a local need for comprehensive IT services that don't break the bank. We've met countless business owners and municipal managers who are unable to find affordable IT support that meets their expectations.

Who Is Behind Pinnacle IT: Our Founder/Owner

Our owner is Joseph Cox, a managed IT services specialist. Joe holds multiple industry-specific certifications and has built a large network of friendships with IT specialists. His driving passion is creating delighted customers and systems that performing optimally. Formerly a professional pianist traveling the world with various artists, Joe moved into a multifaceted career in technology, web design, education, and customer relations.

What is the different about PinnacleIT and other MSPs/IT Service Providers?

MSPs and IT service companies emphasize good things, but sometimes they forget what matters most, which is the customer. There are things they'll often focus on that serve to make their job easier, but it doesn't always translate to saving you money or meeting your needs in the way you prefer. Here are some of the things IT companies often get stuck on:

• Their own processes and procedures

• How to increase their profit but reduce time spent on YOU

• Constantly changing their processes and tools, costing you time and money

• Reducing ticket response time (good!) but often at the continually growing expense of the customer.

​We are flipping that upside down. We don't charge you insanely high monthly fees and then charge you every single time we walk into your office. We call that double dipping, and we think double dipping is rude! We also don't promise you more than we can deliver. We tell you the truth at our first consultation as to what you can expect from us. We hear your needs, tailor the services to meet those needs, then price your services accordingly.

But we don't just focus on your technology. We focus our how your technology can help you meet your goals. For us, making your stuff "just work" is only the start of the journey. We want to hear about you and your company, what makes you thrive, and what your pain points are. Then we start putting together a picture of how technology can best serve you in meeting your goals and solving you problems.

Most importantly, the biggest difference between us and the other providers is that we are entirely dedicated to your satisfaction. We believe delighted customers is our greatest achievement, and we promise to serve you with that aim in mind. Of course we want your infrastructure to function as it should, and obviously your security of is critical importance to us. But we are unapologetically dedicated to making you happy by helping you solve your biggest problems.


Here's Our Amazing, Helpful, Friendly Service Team!

Joseph Cox

Pinnacle IT Owner

Joe founded Pinnacle IT, and although it's hard to believe it now, he managed our services workload completely solo. He would tell you that today, he is beyond grateful to have a team to help manage things these days! Joe is still heavily involved on all high level and network related support items, but he spends most of his time these days on company development and improving infrastructure.

Matt McDrummond

Onsite/Remote Support Administrator

Matt joined the Pinnacle IT team not long after it was founded. On any given day, you might find Matt onsite with customers or managing the remote helpdesk team. Matt has a unique gift with customer relations, and we are always excited to introduce new clients to him. With his positive demeanor and excellent interpersonal skills, not to mention his technical known-how, Matt is an amazing asset to our team!

Bert Fermin

Remote Support Technician

When it comes to analytical problem solving and critical thinking skills, look no further than this guy! Bert came to us in late 2022, and he quickly learned the ropes in regards to our customer relationships. When clients call the help desk, there's a high possibility that Bert's friendly voice is the first one they'll hear. Not only is he part of our service team, but as of late, he's been helping us in our marketing as well!

Mark Villaplaza

Remote Support Technician

Talk about a wizard! We've recently coined this nickname for Mark. It seems anytime a client issue has some of us scratching our heads, Mark is often the first one to the finish line on finding a solution. Mark came to us in the summer of 2023, and we have been nothing short of amazed at his dedication, accuracy, tenacity, and willingness to stick with our clients through each and every service request.

Pinnacle IT is a Managed Service Provider located in Crossville, TN. We provide remote monitoring, management, help desk support, on-site support, backup and disaster recovery, Microsoft licensing, and much more.



Phone: 931-210-6500

Address: 25 Peavine Plaza Suite 104, Crossville, TN 38555

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